Erys Group promotes a culture of integrity and respect, based on three main principles:

  • Establishing a relationship of mutual trust with our clients, our partners and our teams through fulfilling commitments

  • Conducting our operations in strict compliance with laws and regulations, both international and local

  • Committing to and enforcing our Code of Conduct and respect the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights



Our ethical commitments are set out in a code of conduct shared with all subsidiaries, managers, employees, consultants, representatives, partners and subcontractors. It states clearly the obligations and responsibilities which everyone must adhere to and apply, as well our fundamental values.

Download our CODE OF CONDUCT




We have put in place an alert procedure allowing teams, direct stakeholders and third parties to report any potential violation of the rules set out in our Code of Conduct.


All emails are dealt with confidentially and anonymously. The identity of the complainant is protected and the facts are only disclosed with their authorization.
Email address for reporting:




In August 2015, Erys Group became the first French ESSD to join the International Code of Conduct Association (ICOCA). This leads us to conduct our operations in accordance with the most demanding international standards for private security companies. In 2016, Erys Group started the ISO 18788 certification process, which we expect to complete in 2017.



Erys Group fully supports the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, as applied by its clients in oil, gas and mining.

As part of this support, we are contributing to an assessment of the risks that security services represent for human rights in complex environments. We are talking constructively with public and private security forces and with local populations. We provide specific training on this subject and we report any violations of human rights or exacerbation of conflicts.

We are also a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact aimed at implementing universal sustainability principles and supporting UN goals relating to human rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption, everywhere in the world.





Erys Group has developed an exclusive method of integrating security operations into the local environment through socio-economic activities, such as upholding fair trade, instilling environmental protection awareness, providing micro-credits, and including the local population in skills training and skills transfer.

These actions contributing to sustainable development through protecting and stimulating the local economy and help our security projects become better accepted. By providing roles for local people, we create favourable conditions for the successful completion of our clients’ objectives in a positive climate.



We have drawn up a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy in full accordance with international and European rules and standards and apply it actively wherever we operate. We believe that good CSR helps create value and improve conditions for all project stakeholders.

Download our document on OUR CSR POLICY




Our strategy is to provide services that fully satisfy our clients’ requirements and at the same time fully comply with the legal, regulatory and ethical requirements related to our field: this is the objective of our quality policy, codified in particular through the standards ISO 9001, ISO 18788 and PSC 1. We are fully committed to observing these standards.

Our quality policy aims at continuous improvement of the services we offer:

Relating to interested stakeholders

  • A perfect understanding of requirements;

  • Appropriate and tailored service proposals;

  • Customized service meeting all specifications

  • Full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Relating to environments

  • Respect for local societies in order not to disrupt elements outside of the service offered and ensure the smooth running of the service, in accordance with the contract.

Relating to the Erys Group

  • Implementation of an internal management policy maximizing our efficiency and our ability to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

  • Control of our internal processes to ensure the complete performance of our services by minimizing the risk of unforeseen incidents and difficulties.

Relating to our ethical responsibilities

Respect for ethical and moral principles in our operations and in those of our contractors.

These principles are codified in the following documents, which Erys Group fully respects:

  • The ICOCA code

  • The Montreux document

  • The United Nations Directing Principles on Business and Human Rights.

  • The UN Global Compact.

  • More generally, all recommendations included in ISO 18788


  • The International French Security Company Club

  • The French Companies Movement

  • The Global Compact

  • The Association of Oil and Gas Companies

  • Asis International

  • The International Code of Conduct Association

  • Defence Partner Companies

  • The Franco-Libyan Chamber of Commerce

  • The French Council of Investors in Africa

  • The Francophone Business Forum

Our affiliations

Club des Entreprises françaises de sûreté à l'international

Club des Entreprises françaises de sûreté à l'international

Le Mouvement Des Entreprises De France

Le Mouvement Des Entreprises De France

Le pacte mondial

Le pacte mondial

Groupement des Entreprises Pétrolières et Paragazières

Groupement des Entreprises Pétrolières et Paragazières

Asis International

Asis International

International Code of Conduct Association

International Code of Conduct Association

Entreprises Partenaires de la Défense

Entreprises Partenaires de la Défense

Chambre de commerce Franco Libyenne

Chambre de commerce Franco Libyenne

Conseil français des investisseurs en Afrique

Conseil français des investisseurs en Afrique

Forum Francophone des Affaires

Forum Francophone des Affaires

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