Opportunities to work in the Erys Group are extensive, particularly in engineering, consulting, protection, training, negotiation, etc. As the group grows, our employees grow with it. We offer the talented individuals who join us the chance to discover the richness of our industry and also to expand their professional experiences within a rewarding and challenging international environment.


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The foundations of our professional career approach are as follows:



We build lasting relationships and proximity to our clients and our employees, through complex long term projects, which can span several sectors or geographical areas. This opens opportunities and will allow you to develop skills in multiple roles. As our projects grow, and with them the relationships they involve, you will have the opportunity to progress.



The work we do has meaning. We provide services to protect individuals, companies and nations to make their daily lives safer. Our work is useful. Whatever your role within the group, your work will have meaning.



We are successful thanks to teamwork. We could not accomplish our work without our multidisciplinary approach and without each individual’s talents, supporting each other every day. As you progress within our group, you will discover our definition of teamwork, that grows a little every day through exchanges with other teams and other nationalities, all in the service of our clients.



A team’s performance is based on three main factors: empathy, the fact that each member has an equal voice, and diversity. Faced with the challenges of this unpredictable and dangerous world, it is thanks to the power of our team around the world - women and men of all origins and varied backgrounds - that we can succeed.


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