Erys Group supports companies in complex and challenging environments, and assists in their development by allowing them to operate under acceptable security conditions.

Feasibility study

We analyse in advance all political, social, environmental and security risks related to the client’s project and deliver a complete map of the situation together with a set of recommendations. These allow the client to better quantify the risks/issues balance and make decisions.

Security management

We put in place a day-to-day security organizational structure on site (welcome, training, procedures, escorts...). Our staff (security manager, security officer, community liaison officer, etc) manage all security-related issues and provide an interface with expatriates, their families, project staff, local authorities, private security guards, local communities, etc

Crisis management

We devise advance action plans to warn about and manage various crises (kidnapping, arbitrary detention, attacks, political insurrection...) while ensuring the continuity of the client’s business and the safeguarding, evacuation or repatriation as necessary of individuals.

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