Erys Group protects threatened persons by applying an efficient and discreet global capability, with minimal interference to clients’ private lives. 

Close protection

We offer teams of handpicked professionals as one-off or permanent deployments.

Our experts come from the best specialized units of the state and are selected not only for their security skills but also for their education levels, their language abilities, their adaptability and their discretion. They accompany our clients in their travel and activities and take into account the overall security of the professional and family environment. They have available the most fitting technical means to fulfil their mission.


We support and protect business leaders, personalities and delegations on their business trips, on their journeys or at events in which they participate (general meetings, seminars, sensitive negotiations, speaking engagements, etc).

These services are provided by qualified teams, selected specifically for each mission. The teams are sized and adapted to take account of the risk analysis.

Training of
close protection officers (CPO)

We provide comprehensive modules for the intensive training of CPOs, including:

Legal framework, procedures, first aid, protection techniques on foot, by vehicle, physical preparation, combat techniques, etc

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