Our management team is made up of highly experienced security and defence experts and leading business professionals, combining true entrepreneurship with a strict requirement for integrity, quality, compliance and training.  


Arnaud Dessenne
President, CEO

Arnaud Dessenne

Originally from the French Ministry of Defence, he was Vice President of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Safety & Security of the GEOS Group for a decade. He founded Erys Group in 2010, became the founding president of CEFSI (the French International Security Companies Club) in 2012, and is a member of the ISO 18788 standardization committee for the management of private security operations. He has worked with the INHESJ Institute (National Institute of Advanced Studies in Security and Justice) as an ESSD expert. He is also involved with various other professional organizations in the same field, including as a member of the Bureau de l’USP Protection (Union of French Private Security Companies). In 2014, he co-founded LINQ CAP, the global and independent defence and security service integrator.

Matthieu Hennebert
Chief Operating Officer

Matthieu Hennebert

A former officer in the French Marine special forces, he has held operational and general management positions in French and international companies and organisations, including G4S and INTERNATIONAL SOS. He joined the ERYS Group as director of group operations in 2016, following 5 years as security director for Africa and Mining activity in the AREVA group .


The ERYS Group executive committee has access to the governing bodies of its shareholder LINQ CAP SA for strategic planning and ethics considerations. The Linq Cap strategy team consists of senior personalities from the security world with varied profiles, cultures and nationalities.

See the Linq Cap strategy team:




ERYS Group’s strength is knowing how to bring teams together and create loyalty based on its values, its business plan, its management practices, and its market-leading leading expertise. We rely on a national and international pool of professionals with recognized and complementary expertise, from production engineers to analysts, trainers and negotiators, from security managers to protection agents, who bring together a range of diverse and multidisciplinary capabilities.

They draw on years of experience in the private and public sectors:

  • Companies, NGOs, media, universities

  • Diplomacy, cooperation, special forces and intervention groups, intelligence, justice, international organizations

They are called on individually or grouped into ad hoc teams to provide solutions for short, medium or long term assignments.

They are well qualified for their assigned tasks, both educationally and in terms of their industry and geographical experience:

  • oil & gas, major projects, construction, SSR, mentoring

  • in-country knowledge, bi-culturalism, local relational networks


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