ERYS Group has become, within ten years, a key player in the security market, both nationally and internationally, and a trusted partner 
for its clients and governments.

A key player In France, where we are a leading provider of value-added security for a range of high-value clients, from critical infrastructure to luxury retailers and threatened individuals. Our results testify to the exemplary quality and reliability of our services.


A key player Internationally, because we have invested in local infrastructure, seeking out efficiencies through regional coverage and local knowledge, and become close to clients in unstable environments. These approaches allow us to respond quickly to clients’ changing needs on a daily basis. We have become an essential partner in many countries and are continuing our geographic expansion.


A trusted partner for our clients, who appreciate our responsiveness, the quality of our teams, our ethical approach, our financial transparency and our discretion. We always seek solutions that best combine security with economic constraints, integration into the local environment and client success.


A trusted partner for governments, who appreciate our integrity and commitment to promoting and developing the security industry, as demonstrated by our initiative in 2012 to found CEFSI (the French international security providers club), our membership of ICOCA, and our participation in the ISO 18788 standards commission on the management of private security operations.


Certified ICOCA member, ERYS group also owns since 2018, the certifications ISO 9001, 18788 and PSC-1.

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